Making Metal Work For You

2019 CMF Summer party

Thank you to Lake Eden Recreation for hosting us again this year. 

About Us


Our Mission

Our main goal at Custom Metal is for our customers to walk away from here with the feeling that they were listened to-before, during, and after their project was completed; that they received the best quality workmanship at a fair price; and that they would be glad to tell their friends and family what a pleasant experience, from start to finish, their project was with us.


Who We Are

 We are a 5 man full-service welding and fabrication shop, and our 5,000 square foot shop is big enough for most jobs that we take on. We stock a wide variety of materials and fasteners, allowing us to start on most jobs without delay for materials or deliveries. 

We are located in Hyde Park, Vermont, but are not limited to this area. Whether you are a contractor with a set of blueprints, or a homeowner with an idea, we would be glad to hear from you. 


Equipment and Work

Our Equipment Includes

Shear, Roll, Press brake, Ironworker, Lathe, Bridgeport, 5-Ton overhead crane, Bandsaw

We specialize in custom fabrication of projects including:

-Architectural Metals



-Fireplace Doors

-Blacksmith work

And also small jobs from your design or ours.

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